hi, I'm Rushil! 
you can say it like crucial without the c. it's crucial.
daytime, I'm an ACD (ART DIR.) in a relationship with The Martin agency. I've had the fortune to spend my time at martin on iconic brands like Oreo, Hanes, UPS, GEICO, Land O'Lakes, Walmart and DOORDASH. 
Lunchtime? I'm hungry. big time. for big Mediterranean bowls. 
in the evenings, I deal in cat memes. but mostly a cat dad to Mars
Late nights, I listen to daft punk Even though Elton John and I share our birthdays. 
and I also start my sentences with "and." tough love on the BRITS. sorry, rocket man.
Along the way, my work has been recognized across major publications and trades. Some good words and a couple of not-so-nice ones, too. and like every other creative, I could tell you about the curiously shaped hardware I have from the fancy award shows. 
Still curious? Let's connect over my other talents here. 🙃
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