scroll down if you came here looking for my about me.

There you are! let me reintroduce myself. hi, I'm Rushil! often called Roosh.
I've been a creative in advertising for a little over four years. MOSTLY making ads and things for TV and the internet. people like it. I'm currently in a relationship with The Martin agency—making stuff for GEICO, Oreo, Ritz, Land O'Lakes, Walmart and Purina. 
Over the years, my work has been featured in all kinds of press. you name it—Forbes, Fast Co, CBS, USA Today, abc news, people magazine, today show, Fox News, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, the sun uk, Ad Age, campaign us, drum, Adweek and Huffington Post. and also a blip in the New York times. a blip. ok, whatever.
Feel free to say hi here. check out my kiddo Mars if you're A cat-person. and then we can talk about all the curiously shaped lions, pencils and other hardware that have my name etched on it.

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