For 400 years, the Thanksgiving table tradition has remained nearly the same. but what is tradition EVEN, WHEN the diversity of America's population has grown over 4000%?
we got a chef you'd least imagine, to cook A TRADITIONAL DINNER you'd never expect. tv host, the man behind the hit abc series "fresh off the boat" and co-owner of baohaus, NYC—chef Eddie huang.
and invited the people of Augusta, ga to an "all-American thanksgiving" to shake up some notions about traditions in an online film.
Eddie and his parents hosted the augustans over thanksgiving traditions.
Eddie and his mom infused traditional Taiwanese flavors into thanksgiving staples—creating a menu, that has never been served outside of their family before. we shared the recipes online encouraging people to come forward with their spin on the tradition.
the effort is rooted in doordash's beautiful philosophy of what makes america, america—every flavor welcome.
AD: Rushil Nadkarni, CW: MELANIE MATLOCK
Agency: The Martin Agency
cinematographer: Chris velona, photographer: Scott suchman
director: David Schmidt 

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