Long before Virginia was for lovers, it housed the capital of confederacy. IT makes me uncomfortable to write this, just as it makes you uncomfortable to read it.
157 years later, Standing out with fellow Virginians at the Robert E. Lee memorial in June 2020, I met A Virginia that isn't only for lovers. Virginia is for the countless black lives lost to racial injustice. every. single. day.​​​​​​​

this project is self-initiated and The views expressed here are my own. with images that will stick with us for a lifetime; AND a melody that expresses my feelings better than I could ever write.​​​​​​​

image courtesy: photographers from USA Today;  MUSIC courtesy:  BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS: REDEMPTION SONG​​​​​​​

and below, bob Marley himself—redemption song.
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