along with GEICO, we put everyone's best friend to the test. smartdogs—The first dogs trained to train humans to STOP driving distracted.
so here's that most watched geico ad on youtube so far.
best furriends don't let friends drive distracted. which one is your favorite?
with the help of a mind-reader device, they went on to solve some of internet's frequently arr'fed questions. you'll find the whole bunch on Geico's youtube but below are my favorites.
smartdogs were a furs to reckon with. even GEICO couldn't stop them from taking over their social media. Geico's instagram WAS operated by Smartdogs for the month of April —the distracted driving awareness month. Yes, Profile picture too.
After taking over GEICO's INSTAGRAM, they made stories to demonstrate how to turn on the do not disturb while driving mode across major operating systems. what a time to be alive, right?
the heroes deserved their own glorious paw-sters. so we adorned some OOH with Geico's simple tip.
Then something unprecedented happened. other dogs started noticing smartdogs on tv. 
check out "dogs react to GEICO'S Smartdogs commercial" here
AD: Rushil Nadkarni, CW: Dave Ashton
CD: Neel Williams, Justin harris
Agency: The Martin Agency
Director: Terri Timely
production: Park Pictures
color/vfx: ArtJail
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